Hanging Services

You Name It … We’ll Hang It!

We have over a half century of experience hanging artwork and mirrors in hotels, offices, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. No project is too large or small! From a single painting, to a wall grouping of photos all the way to large framed mirrors, we can aesthetically place and hang it.

“Where” We Can, We Hang it

Hard to reach places? No problem. Whether it’s up high, above a stairwell, or simply over a dresser, our professional installers specialize in precise and aesthetic placement or art and mirrors.

Picture Frame placement is an educated art and science. Our picture frame installers understand how framed art and mirrors relate to furniture and architectural elements. Our experience affords us the ability to hang art at the correct heights (museum standards) for varying media and sizes of art. We will use this experience in your business to analyze the scale of the art, the color scheme of the room, and the overall style of the home for best placement

“What” We Can Hang

You name it, we’ll hang it. Almost no framed art or mirrors escape our ability to hang. Here is a short list of what we can hang:

  • Framed artwork & mirrors
  • Museum quality artwork
  • Wall groupings of photos
  • Framed & un-framed paintings
  • Tapestries and rugs

Contact our picture hanging services department to schedule an installation or ask if we can hang it!

How We Safely Hang It

It is important to hang artwork and mirrors securely, using appropriate supplies and techniques.

Our experiences installers specialize in recommending the proper hardware and technique necessary for every room, piece of artwork and circumstance.

Here are some of the methods we use for safe picture frame hanging.

Hanging Heavy Framed Mirrors

We avoid the use of picture wire, and hang directly from strap hangers (a loop over a flat plate that screws into the frame). Rather than traditional wall hooks, we use wall anchors such as molly bolts, that go through the sheet rock and lock into it. This ensures a flush hang to the wall, and safe distribution of weight throughout the frame.

Preventing Theft

Security Hangers are available that firmly hold all sides of the frame in place on the wall. A special key tool is needed to lock it and again to unlock it. Security installations and hardware are generally used in public places, kid’s rooms, over bed sets, or anywhere the frame may easily be bumped.

To Protect Kids

In a kid’s room where things are thrown around, we use security hangers. If a security installation is not preferred, we can use strap hangers, heavy duty hooks, and velcro on the bottom of the frame to ensure that the framed piece doesn’t come off the wall. When things go flying, and kids are playing, it is important that frames not be hung on picture wire as a simple bump could cause the frame to fall.

To Avoid Pictures Becoming Crooked on the Wall

When frames are hung from a single point, they usually shift on the wall over time. A door slams, the house shifts, or an Arizona earth quake occurs. Next thing you know and your framed artwork is all crooked on the wall. Both for safety and keeping frames aesthetically straight, we always hang everything from two points. Whether it’s strap hangers or a picture wire, we will always use 2 hooks in the wall.

To Keep Frames Flush to the Wall

Screw eyes that are often used to attach wire to the frame tend to make the frames lean out from the wall more than they need to. Also, excess slack in the wire can cause the top to lean out. By switching to your framed art hanging system to strap hangers, you can overcome both problems. Strap hangers are flatter and give you the option of hanging directly from the hanger versus using wire. In addition, we also may hang your framed artwork or mirrors from Z-Bar, which acts as a flush cleat system.