Install Neo-Angle

Neo Angles with Header are not too hard to install.

FIRST OF ALL: Get some short 2×4’s to set the glass on. NEVER set the glass on tile. Don’t let the glass touch tile, hammers, metal, other glass, or extrememly hard heads. It may explode. Glass should only touch fingers, rubber, wood, or maybe the end of your shoe with your toes curled up out of hte way.

1. Set Panels in opening
2. Set header on top. Mark Holes. Make sure the door opening is the correct size.
3. Remove glass and header, drill holes, silicone U-Channel.
4. Reinstall glass, header, fasten header to wall.
5. Install bottom pivot.
6. Bring Door inside shower and install into pivots.
7. Silicone the sidelights.
9. Install handle.

The sidelights have mitered edges. Drawing shows door swinging inward but usually Neo-Angles have vinyl which makes the door swing outwards only.

Header arrives at your door in three pieces, cut to size and mitered. It should have a hole in the middle section for the Pivot. The exact location of the hole depends on which pivot you are using.

The Header is put together with two of these BHC135 Corner Brackets. The Header kits come with cheaper versions of the corner brackets. These can be tossed.

If you had NON-135° angle you would be using the adjustable corner bracket

The corner brackets have Allen head set screws that tighten into the aluminum header.

BWB2’s should be inserted into the header before you set the header on the Sidelights.

If you have 3/8″ thick Glass: Cut a section of U-Shaped Vinyl for the top of the sidelights.

They always give you a lot more than you need.

If you have 1/2″ Glass you do not need this at all. Substitute a small bead of clear silicone seal. Install the header dry first so that you can get the door opening correctly fitted.

For the Bottom of the Sidelights, you could be using U-Channel or Minibrackets, or Bolt-Through-the-Glass brackets for the bottom of the sidelights. U-Channel: Set 3/16″ thick clear plastic shims inside the U-Channel and set the Sidelights in the U-Channel on top of the setting blocks. Have someone help hold the panels.

Set the header on top of the glass with vinyl. The panels should stay there now.

Minibrackets: Set the sidelights on shims for now. When you are sure of the location of the glass then you can mark the glass and the minibrackets can be installed anywhere along this line. The glass will be held in securely by the bead of silicone.

Bolt-Through-the-Glass brackets: Set the glass on wood shims until you are sure of the location, then hold the bracket to the glass and mark the location of the hole to be drilled in the tile.

The Picture shows a header sitting on the panels before the door was installed.

The hole in the tile has to be drilled on an angle. The angle is not all that critical. This allows the header to be fastened to the wall while it is on the glass.

The old style clips interfered with the glass as well. So this is an improvement and not that difficult to do. If you are using U-Channel these will be the first two of only four holes you have to drill for this installation.

Before marking the hole location, make sure you have the proper height for the door. Then make sure the header is level.

Proper height for the door: There is 7/16″ at the bottom of the door and 1/8″ at the top. Measure your door height, add 9/16″, and that is the BOTTOM of the Header. Proper Width is 3/8″ plus the door width, (Measure the door.)

Note: If you are using the giant Senior Prima Hinges, the gap at the bottom of the door is 9/16″ instead of 7/16. So add 11/16″ to the door height to get to the bottom of the header. Width is 3/16″ on each side, same as other pivots.

Now that the glass is out of the opening and the holes for the header wall mount brackets (BWB2) have been drilled, Run a bead of silicone under the U-Channel as well as a small bead inside the U_Channel along the inside of the legs. We don’t generally recommend screwing down the U-Channel because there is too much chance it will end up in the wrong place. Siliconing allows you to micro-adjust the position of the panels by kicking them with your foot.

Set the U-Channel back on the centerline. Set the glass on setting blocks – change the setting blocks to adjust the height of the header (you knew that.) Set the header back on the glass and fasten it to the wall.

Picture at right shows someone putting the bottom pivot on the glass before it is installed. DON”T DO THIS.

Set the bottom pivot where it is supposed to go, leaving 3/16″ between it and the mitered edge of the sidelight.

Mark the holes. Remove pivot. Drill the last two holes required (if you are using U-Channel) insert anchors and install the bottom pivot.

Adapter Block for Prima Pivots. The top pivot must have its base plate removed and the screw goes through the header, through this adapt block and screws into the pivot pin. If you have 5° pivots then pay attention to which is the top, which depends on which side the door is hinged on.

Senior Prima Pivots require this adapt block which includes a new pivot. You only get one (picture shows two) for the top pivot. The screw on the top is long enough to go through the header.

Horizon Pivots come with the Adapt Block already installed. If you ordered 5° pivots, and if we sent you a top pivot with the wrong 5°, that’s all they make. You have to carefully pry the plate off and turn it over and then install it. It may be the bottom that has to be switched in the same manner.

Almost done: Take the plates off the inside of the pivots. Bring the glass inside. Set wood shims down on the curb. Carefully set the glass in the opening, adjust the height. Don’t allow the glass to touch anything, especially the sidelights. It may explode.

Fasten the glass in place by replacing the cover plates onto the pivots. Remove the wood shims. You can get out of the shower now.
Next silicone the sides of the sidelights to the tile.

Install any vinyl you have. Clean the edge of the glass where you are going to place U-Channel with alcohol, acetone or MEK Then lay a strip of the high bond double face tape along the edge. Peel off the plastic backing and apply the vinyl. You will have to cut the end of the vinyl off with a razorblade to fit your glass. Slip the bottom wipe over the glass edge on the bottom of your door. It should just sweep your curb enough to create a seal. If it is not touching then you can pull the vinyl sweep down a little or adjust your door and if it is rubbing too hard you can adjust your door or wait for the sweep to wear out a little bit.