Install Fixed Panels

Four Basic Ways to fasten the Fixed Panels
1. U-Channel on bottom and a Bolt-Through Bracket on Side
2. U-Channel on Bottom and Side
3. Bolt Through the Glass Brackets
4. Mini-Brackets

1. U-Channel at the Bottom and a Bracket on the side near the top. In this case a notch in the protruding tile acted as a bracket.

2. The Panel here is installed with U-Channel on three sides. This is a Glass to Glass Hinged Door. Having the sidelite firmly attached at the top eliminates the wobble that you would have if the door was hinged off the glass and the sidelite did not go to the ceiling and there was no header. Whew.

3. This picture shows the all bracket look with full height side panels. Brackets cost more than U-Channel. But if you have a glass to glass hinge and you want to use U-Channel you need to let the silicone dry for two days before hanging the door. If you are not using glass to glass hinges then we are beginning to like the following mini brackets a lot.

4. These Small Brackets require NO HOLE in the glass. They look good, cost less, install easily. They have the advantages of both Brackets and U-channel at the same time. Essentially, they are a quantum of U-Channel.

This shower Used Chrome U-Channel on the fixed panels with Glass to Glass Hinges. You need to let the silicone dry for a day or two before installing the door. Notice that the side panel goes to the ceiling to prevent wobbling when the door is open.